The Contra Costa RACES Mission is to train, organize and deploy radio amateurs in support of agencies and organizations in Contra Costa County.

Communications system failures can be caused by a natural disaster, human caused disaster, or even a terrorist attack. RACES fills an important need during a critical communications system failure or overload that puts the public at risk.


A few of our members with Sheriff David Livingston

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SAR Support San Ramon Search – Radio Cache Management

Contra Costa ACS (formerly RACES) has been activated in support of a search in San Ramon Saturday, August 30th. Our task will be for radio cache management and tracking. We require two shifts of two people each. The first shift is 0600 – 1200 and second shift is 1200 – 1800. Below are the details.

Mission ID: 14-0007

Mission Type: Radio Cache Management & Tracking

Description: The Search and Rescue team is requesting radio cache management support for a search in San Ramon. They have requested two shifts of two people each. We will be tracking radios checked out of the radio cache using the T-card system and requiring the person checking out the radio to leave their ID card.

Date: August 30, 2014

Time: 0600 – 1800

Location: Incident Command Post, 2401 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon, CA

Briefing: At shift start

Personnel Requirement: Two shifts, two people each shift

If you can help, please sign up for one of the shifts on the signup page at